Russound - Auszeichnungen

Over the years Russound has earned numerous industry awards for innovative products and other achievements. Here’s a list of our most recent awards:


CES Innovations Award
The CES Innovations Award honors the most innovative products in a variety of audio-video categories. Entries are judged by value to the user, aesthetics, and contributions to the quality of life as well as the product’s innovative qualities. The Innovations Award is presented to the winners at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January of every year.

  • 2009 – Collage Showcase Honoree
  • 2008 – Ratio Speakers Showcase Honoree | E-Series System Showcase Honoree | iBridge Bay Showcase Honoree
  • 2007 – VM1 Video Matrix Showcase Honoree | UNO-TS2D Desktop Touchscreen Showcase Honoree
  • 2006 – SMS3-250 Media Server Best of Innovations | UNO-TS2 Showcase Honoree (2 categories)
  • 2005 – SMS3 Media Server and ST2-XM Tuner
  • 2004 – IntelliNet Controls RS3000
  • 2003 – CAV6.6-S2 Multiroom Audio-Video System
  • 2003 – UNO-IR2 (SaphIR K2) Universal User Interface
  • 2002 – A-BUS System with Multisource (A-H484, A-KP, ALRC-1)
  • 2001 – A-BUS Multiroom Audio System
  • 2000 – CA4.4pi Multiroom System with CA-LCD Keypads


CEA Multi-Room Awards
The Multi-Room Awards, sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association and presented at the Electronic House Expo, recognize the best multiroom innovations and technologies.

  • 2008 – Acclaim & CA4
  • 2007 – E-Series Best Overall Multiroom Product and Best All-Inclusive Multiroom System, More than $1000 per Zone | Ratio Best In-Wall Speakers under $500 | LCR7 Best On-Wall Speakers | iBridge Bay Best Musical Systems Port
  • 2006 – iBridge Dock Best Personal Music System Product


Options Technology/Technology Options Award
The OTTO Awards, produced by EH Publishing, Inc., recognize suppliers and tech integrators who are helping builders achieve their options and home tech products sales goals. This award also recognizes best practices among home builders and design centers that are successfully using technology to sell options, as well as those excelling in merchandising home tech product options such as home theater, multiroom audio, home networks and controls.

  • 2007 – All Wired Up University Road Show Training Best Vendor-Provided Home Tech Training


Electronic House Product of the Year
Electronic House magazine selects 50 of the greatest products for the connected home, from home automation to home theater, to the latest and greatest for the home office. The systems and components are selected on the basis of making any home a “smart” home.

  • 2008 – iBridge Power Dock
  • 2007 – KLK-E5 Click Wheel Keypad
  • 2006 – ComPoint Intercom and iBridge Dock
  • 2005 – UNO-TS2 Smart Color Touchscreen
  • 2004 – SMS3 Smart Media Server
  • 2003 – Russound Advantage Series Speakers and CAV6.6-S2 Multiroom System Honorable Mention
  • 2002 – A-BUS A-H484 Multisource Hub
  • 2001 – A-BUS Multiroom Audio System


Constructech Magazine’s Hottest Companies
Each year, participating companies are judged by the Constructech editorial staff based on a range of criteria, including description of product/service, significant accomplishments in the past year, growth record for the past three years, noteworthy customer wins, and new products impacting the marketplace.

  • 2007 – Winner, Hottest Companies of 2007
  • 2006 – Winner, Hottest Companies of 2006
  • 2005 – Winner, Hottest Companies of 2005


CE Pro High Impact Products of the Year Award
Each year CE Pro magazine asks their readers to select the highest impact products. The selected products don’t necessarily have to be brand new equipment, but relatively new products that make an impact on their business.

  • 2006 – ComPoint Intercom System
  • 2005 – SMS3-250 Smart Media Server
  • 2003 – CAV6.6-S2 Multiroom Audio-Video System
  • 2002 – A-BUS A-H484 Multisource Hub


Security Dealer Magazine Securing America Award
The annual SDM Securing America Awards are given out at the ISC West Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada and honor suppliers who close the loop with dealers by providing them high-quality sales literature, manuals, marketing materials, community outreach programs, direct mail, target marketing, online services and resources aimed at residential and nonresidential customers.

  • 2006 – UNO-TS2 Brochure Merit Award
  • 2005 – Welcome Home To Russound Distributed Audio 4-fold Brochure
  • 2005 – Russound 2005 Spring/Summer Product Guide


The TecHome Mark of Excellence Award from EH
CEA’s TechHome Division Mark of Excellence Award recognizes the finest achievements in home automation and is cosponsored by CE Pro and Electronic House magazines. The winners and finalists of the awards are recognized at CEA’s TechHome Division Mark of Excellence Awards Banquet at the Electronic House Expo.

  • 2005 – ST2-XM Smart Tuner Best Audio Component
  • 2005 – CAM6.6T Multiroom Receiver Best Distributed Audio/Video finalist
  • 2004 – CAV6.6-S2 Multiroom System Best Whole House Distributed Audio/Video System


The EXC!TE Award from Custom Retailer Magazine
Custom Retailer magazine conducts the annual EXC!TE Awards, which recognize Excellence In Custom Installation and Technology

  • 2005 – RNET
  • 2004 – SMS3 Smart Media Server
  • 2003 – CAV6.6-S2 Multiroom Audio-Video System


Residential Systems RESI Award
Residential Systems magazine’s RESI award recognizes excellence in product industrial design. Judged by an expert panel of dealers and design professionals,the award honors the most innovative residential electronic products. Criteria include aesthetic appeal, solutions-based innovation, user friendliness, and ease of manufacturing.

  • 2005 – UNO-TS2 Smart Color Touchscreen Finalist
  • 2004 – UNO-S2 Keypad Finalist


TecHome Builder Home Tech High-Impact – Products of the Year Award
TecHome Builder magazine asks their readers to nominate the products that make the greatest impact, either financially by saving or making money, or operationally by helping to guide the company to a new level of service. These winners are announced at the TBX Builders’ Conference awards breakfast each year.

  • 2004 – SP-H6TT Advantage Hi-Fi In-Ceiling Speakers


Home Automation Top 50 Products of the Year
Home Automation magazine selects 50 of the greatest products based on the following criteria: Target Audience, Company Track Record, Price, Ease of Use, Ease of Installation, Technology Behind Product, Value for Our Readership.

  • 2003 – Advantage Series Speakers


Audio Video International Magazine’s Hi-Fi Grand Prix Award
The criteria for selecting the best products are based on product quality and sales performance. They are: fidelity of sound/video reproduction, design engineering, reliability, craftsmanship and product integrity.

  • 2003 – PR-4Zi Controller-Preamplifier
  • 2002 – DPA-6.12 Multizone Amplifier
  • 2002 – SP652.1 Square In-Wall Speaker
  • 2002 – A-BUS System
  • 2002 – DPA-6.12 Multizone Amplifier and CAV6.6-S2 Multiroom Audio-Video System
  • 2001 – PR-4Z Controller-Preamplifier


Audio Video Interiors Excellence in Design Award
Each year, Audio Video Interiors selects 12 manufacturers to receive the magazine’s Excellence in Design Award. Products are judged on ergonomics and design, and 2001 winners highlight audio-video manufacturers who continually push the level of excellence.

  • 2001 – A-BUS Multiroom Audio System